How to Make Skiptracer Work When Dependencies Don't

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How to Make Skiptracer Work When Dependencies Don't

Skiptracer is a useful OSINT tool for finding license plate info, but it's a tricky install. Here's how to run Skiptracer without the headaches.

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Last summer, a friend of mine was the victim of a hit and run. Luckily, we was able to snap a picture of the car that rammed into him before he sped away. He then forwarded this photo to the police.

Me being the curious person I am, began to wonder how much info could be found just from a person's license plate. After all, if the cops could figure out who the driver was, why couldn't I?

I took to Google and started to research tools that could do just that. A OSINT tool called Skiptracer looked perfect for the job. The problem is, it's deprecated. Creator xillwillx stated on his GitHub that Skiptracer was "No longer supported" and that "the code and the sources need a bunch of upgrading."

So we have a tool coded in Python 2 with missing/incorrect application dependencies like libraries, interpreters, and code/binaries. Sounds like the perfect time to use Docker. And lucky for us, someone else (xshuden) thought the same way. Download the Skiptracer Docker image here!

Obviously you will need to have Docker installed before you can use this image. The steps to install Docker will vary depending on your distro. To find the exact steps you need to take, check out the Docker documentation.

After installing Docker, pull the Skiptracer image from Docker Hub using this command: docker pull xshuden/skiptracer.

Once you've pulled the image, you can run the container using this command: docker run -it --name skiptracer xshuden/skiptracer

That's it. Should be working now. No monkeying around with dependencies or tearing our hair out. Have fun, skiptracer!

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